Our aim is to help your organisation to get the best out of the digital world.

With so many online tools and services being introduced and updated on a frequent basis it is almost impossible to keep up to date with everything, as well as know which tools are relevant to your business.

Lesley Moore Consultancy Services can help you to identify the best digital channels for your business and keep you up to date with ongoing developments.

We always start any piece of work with a full analysis of your business goals and what you would like to achieve with online marketing. We then work with you to bring these goals to fruition, choosing the best tools and methods that suit your needs. This goal setting stage is critical as it drives how we monitor and assess the success of any online marketing campaign. It also helps us keep within your given budget.

Would you like to…?

  • have better visibility for your company online
  • market your business or service to a wider audience
  • understand the best way to use social media
  • find, write and manage good content for your website
  • optimise your website to increase traffic and website rankings
  • engage your customers with your products and services to increase sales
  • be able to quickly measure, analyse any adjust online marketing campaigns to stay within budget

We can help you with these and many other issues.

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