Top tips for social media marketing

Some really quick top tips for you.

Facebook for small business:

  • stay active – search engines like this
  • post frequently – but keep it relevant
  • post questions – generate engagement
  • ask about your customers – don’t just promote yourself
  • include photos and videos – gets your posts seen more frequently
  • use offers and promotions – good way of reaching new followers

Twitter for small business:

      • don’t start then give up – keep your profile fresh
      • tweet throughout the day – optimise the timing of your tweets
      • customise your page – use your picture, use the biography space 
      • use # tags for searching
      • shrink your links by using
      • don’t forget to link to your website – drive people to your content



LinkedIn for small business:

      • complete your profile as fully as possible – this makes you more visible in searches
      • get connections to endorse your expertise
      • get recommendations – it raises your ranking in searches
      • link to your other social media activities – maximise your efforts
      • don’t forget this is your virtual CV
      • LinkedIn is 3 times more effective than Facebook or Twitter for converting website visitors into leads


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